No Process. No Purpose... No Story.

We could just grab a camera, meet you somewhere and start filming... but that is a waste of time for both of us. It helps to have a plan and a process.



For your story to work right, we need a main character. This person is called the "heart" of your story and his or her story determines your audience's emotional connection to your film.


Place creates a real connection with our character. This includes physical locations, objects, certain situations and time. Place transports your audience into the story.


This is the reason behind crafting a story. We define this, then use it as a filter to guide us throughout the process of creating the film. We use five keywords to help us define the purpose.


Beginning. Middle. End. Every story has these three major components, but how everything is arranged and defined inbetween is what makes a story great.


We work with you from start to finish.

Making a film generally consists of three phases: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.


Here we discover why you want or need a video in the first place and we use a proven storytelling process to help us define the goal of the video, find the right person to tell the story about and plot a story arc based on this persons path.


Based on our story structure determined in the pre-production phase, we will shoot at pre-determined locations to capture the story.


We craft the story, again, based on our story structure from the pre-production phase all the while putting final touches on it for delivery.