Our Founder’s Story:


When I was around six years old, I remember watching Godzilla on television(you know, one of those heavy tube screens) and the babysitter told my brother and I that Godzilla was real and after terrorizing Japan, it was coming for us next. I think I started crying.

When I was around twelve years old, I remember watching Steven Spielberg's Empire of The Sun starring a thirteen year old Christian Bale. Throughout the film, he befriends a child on the opposite side of the fence of the camp he is in and in one powerful scene, that friend gets murdered. I cried. I was transported to that scene when it happened, I felt what happened. I lost a friend. That's what story does. 

When a story is told well, it emotionally connects us. We cry, we feel inspired, we feel motivated to take action. Our brain is literally hardwired to respond to stories. Stories are how we, as living breathing human beings, connect to one another, learn from one another and love one another.

 After graduating film school, making a good living as a web developer, than finally going full force back into documentary filmmaking, I re-discovered my purpose. I want to help tell the stories that everyone has to tell and connect every one of us on a human level. Why? It feels right. This is what I am suppose to be doing. I get butterflies in my stomach and feel giddy while I am crafting a powerful story.

My goal is to cure apathy with empathy.

If I can make one person care after watching a story about a family, a father, a mother, a son, or a daughter… my job is done.



Brian Artka
Filmmaker, Storyteller

PS(Yes, that is me and my fly high tops about to watch Road Warrior on VHS)

Brian and BrieAnn after filming  BrieAnn's story for Make-A-Wish Wisconsin .

Brian and BrieAnn after filming BrieAnn's story for Make-A-Wish Wisconsin.