Why I go to SXSW Interactive.


Every year, Since 2006, I have been attending South By South West Interactive in Austin, Texas. I love the atmosphere, the people, the city, and the buzz that just looms over Austin for those five days of pure inspiration and joy. If you have anything to do with the web and interactive industry, this conference is a must.

Some people say the lust over SXSW Interactive wears off over a few years, but I still love it. Here is a short video of interviews of why I go to SXSW:

The footage is from SXSW Interactive 2009. I also put this video together with some SXSW Interactive stories from years past:

After five years of attending "Geek Spring Break", as Ruth Kalinka calls it, I can't imagine missing one. Each year it does change, but that is the beauty of it. The atmosphere shifts with the industry, but in the end, the friends you met in past events, the contacts you made over the years, and the lessons you learned while attending, are all still here. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything and I suggest anyone in the interactive industry at least attend it once. You wont regret it. I'll see you all next week.