Julia from Bay View Bark on Video Storytelling with Size43 Creative


I asked Julia, owner and trainer from Bay View Bark, if she could write a little testimonial about the Doggy Oasis video storytelling project size43 filmed for her. She was happy to write something up for us, and what I got back from her kind of surprised me. She wrote a very detailed report on the experience she had leading up to and filming the story. I think its great, and I have to share the entire thing. What follows are Julia's words on working with Size43 Creative:

When Brian and I first talked about making this marketing film for Bay View Bark, I was intrigued, he sounded different when he talked about his marketing: very energized and driven. I had watched a few of the other films he made and I really liked them, but the scopes of the businesses were so different, that I had a difficult time conceptualizing the finished project for a doggy day care. But Brian’s confidence and enthusiasm about the project had me hooked and in the end, what I got was completely unique and pleasantly unexpected!


On the day of the filming, he and his wife, Aga, arrived right on time and did their set up without disrupting the flow of business (thank you!). When they were ready, we stepped away for the interview. I was nervous and they could tell, they did a good job of leading the conversation with questions and helping me feel comfortable. After the interview, Brian and Aga joined me and the day care dogs out in group with their cameras for a couple of hours, looking at us all from every angle.

A few weeks later when he had finished editing and I got to watch the film for the first time, I was in awe, I even cried a bit. I am truly amazed at the artful way he was able to distill the hours of footage down to this poignant little story about me and my business. Each time a watch it, I feel exhilaratingly exposed, like when you read one of your poems aloud to a room of strangers; revealing your truths and intimacies for others to feel and contemplate. Brian does not make big noisy marketing videos; he makes thoughtfully crafted pieces of art.

In the two years since we put the video up on our website, our doggy daycare attendance has doubled. Customers often call immediately after viewing the video because they feel an instant connection to me and the business. They can see my passion and commitment with their own eyes and it gives them great comfort and confidence in reaching out to us. Aside from meeting your customers in person, there is no other way to achieve that strong of an emotional connection through marketing.

Brian’s unique style of film making has given Bay View Bark an edge when it comes to attracting new customers and I recommend you do the same for your business. We have just started talking about shooting another film with him and after the great experience we had and amazing product I received, I have nothing but high expectations! Talk to him about making a film for your company so he can show your customers what you’ve wanted them to see all along!

Julia Kaminecki Owner & Trainer Bay View Bark

I appreciate Julia's kind words on her experience working with us. If you have a puppy, big or small, I highly suggest you look into Bay View Bark and their services. Our dog, Viktor, has been going there since he was a few months old, and we'd not think about taking him anywhere else.

Feel free to watch the story: