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This is just a list of link notes for my custom post types talk this evening. Below are some helpful links that I learned from. Some are older, and may be out of date compared to more recent tutorials, but these helped me when I needed them:

Create your first WordPress Custom Post Type

Adding a Taxonomy Filter to Custom Post Types

How to Create a Custom Post Type with Image Uploads For WordPress 3

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Custom Post Types

WordPress Codex: Custom Post Types

WordPress Codex: Custom Taxonomies

These are some plugins I love using with custom post types, or just WordPress as a CMS in general:

CMS Page Tree View

Page.ly MultiEdit


Cleaner Gallery

These are the sites I showed for some examples:


Carlson Commercial

CGC Commercial

Charley Hoffman

A WordPress film from a couple of years ago at Wordcamp Chicago 2010: The Talking Heads

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