Google Says Your Website Is Lorem Ipsum

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It is not a good thing when the description for your Google search result lists the free template you are using or that your services are Lorem and Ipsum. Using a free or cheap website builder application is never a good idea to represent your business; especially if your business deals with large sums of money for its services or products.

Lorem Ipsum is the term used to define the fake placeholder text a designer typically uses in a layout for a website (it’s a bad practice, but we’ll talk about that another time). When Google lists these as your services from your website, it’s not good… not good at all. Here are some other issues found on sites that are live right now on the web. Most of the sites are companies that traditionally would deal with very large projects. For their sake, I won’t name any.

So you are using a free template? that’s cool.

No, it really isn’t, but I can see you are because your TITLE tag says:

“created by i03224326 based on Crafted Comment New”

Guess what? That is what the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) will be thinking your page is about. Simply being aware of what your page is about, and coding it correctly in the HTML, will save your reputation.

So, what does your company do?

According to my search result, your company does this:

“, HOME, , HOME, CurrentLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Fusce tempor arcu ac urna. Fusce congue eleifend mi. Pellentesque metus sem, elementum eu, rhoncus sed, gravida sit amet, nulla. Lorem ipsum”

I cant believe it, I finally found a “gravida sit amet” dealer. How much? All kidding aside, this is not a great description for your company. This description, pulled from the META Description HTML element of the web page, is what most search engines use to describe what the page is about.

So, what are you saying?

This is what you may always get when using a free website service to build your own website. These two examples are some of the most basic items any professional web developer worth their salt knows how to address immediately. When buidling a site, these content questions should be answered before even thinking about what anything should look like. This is the basis of optimizing your content for a search engine, before any ongoing SEO service is initiated.

You may jump into an in house project with an awesome visual idea, but in the end, and on the web, it is much, much more than just what something looks like. If you are serious about your business, your customers, and your products and services, please be serious about your website. We don’t need any more Lorem Ipsums (but I might buy that gravida sit amet.)

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    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. well said


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