Why are you pursuing this project? We ask this question to get to know you, your business, and your goals. From there, we define your goals, your audience and how to connect the two. After this, we get into content strategy while thinking "mobile first"(ask us more about this, we love to explain). Once we figure out what to put on your website, we sketch out how to arrange this content. This whole process is one big happy collaboration. We think working together, and respecting each others knowledge, usually brings the best results.


After iterating a handful of sketches based on the content we defined to put on the website, we start to develop a "living prototype" of the website and how it would be organized. At this point we like to do some user testing to see if the organization of the site makes sense outside of our brains. We start to think how the site should look and feel, and after a few collaborative iterations of the prototype, the aesthetics are integrated. When we are both happy with a direction, we start to fine-tune the code behind the site and test on the multitude of browsers and devices out there(like the iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, etc.)


While the site is soft launched, we teach you the CMS, define a content upkeep schedule, give you a styleguide for the site and support any other questions and concerns you may have. This is also the step where we build upon the defined channels (ie. social media networks like facebook, twitter, etc.) to reach your audience. We'll go over social tactics, on and off line, give you some lessons and tips for keeping up with the social networks, initiate the e-news campaign, and help you understand google analytics and other measuring tactics. This step of the process is all about measuring and obtaining your defined goal from the first step.

Who is Size43?

Size43 is Brian(earth) and Aga(water) Artka. Brian is the owner, lead designer, lead developer and digital filmmaker of the company. He has passionately been building, breathing and browsing the web since the days of monochrome monitors, BBS dial-up networks, and text-based RPG adventures. He was a geek back when they were called nerds. He built his first website in 1998 for his alter ego "Sudden Impulse", an electronic music outfit. You may be able to find the site on; if you do, try not to laugh too hard.

Aga is the project architect of size43. She is the glue that keeps the projects together. Aga helps define what the project is (content strategist), how it will work (user testing coordinator) and what it takes to grow and succeed (social media liaison). Aga speaks two and a half languages—Polish, English and French. When not assisting Brian and size43, she runs her interior design company Aga Artka Interior Design.

Brian & Aga Artka